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  • Psoriasis, what kind of disease: causes and treatment of skin disease in adults.
    7 May 2022
  • Ultraviolet irradiation for psoriasis: is it possible to sunbathe in the sun and visit a solarium with a disease? Useful information in the article.
    20 March 2022
  • The choice of the right means to help the patient will depend on a number of different features and circumstances. Consider a list of effective remedies for psoriasis, including 2 radical methods - surgery and ultraviolet radiation.
    1 March 2022
  • All about psoriasis - why and how the psoriatic process begins. Types and stages of the course of the disease. Modern methods of therapy and folk remedies.
    26 May 2021
  • Psoriasis and its causes, types of disease. Symptoms of psoriasis, effective treatments, disease prevention.
    18 April 2021
  • What is psoriasis? The picture and manifestations of psoriasis, possible causes. How to behave, what diet to follow with psoriasis. Photo of psoriasis foci, treatment.
    31 March 2021